Fashion Fears! – Ultimate Guide to Buy a Bodycon dress!

Why are we women so conscious about wearing a Bodycon dress? What freaks us about a Bodycon dress?

Does it make you feel like you're on display and your tummy is visible? That you have to constantly breathe in to make your dress look as flattering as possible? Does revealing your curves make you uncomfortable?

Trust Us, every woman goes through this and whether you are exceptionally thin or curvaceous you can pull off a bodycon dress!

Here are a few tips that will make you feel confident the next time you wear this body conscious dress.

Things to keep in mind while buying a Bodycon Dress-

Pick thicker fabrics-

Avoid thin, super clingy materials like jersey. Instead, make sure your dress is made from thicker material as it will give you more comfort and a more structured look.

Pick a darker shade-

The shade you pick plays a very important role in how you look. Dark colors will make you feel more confident and they will look very flattering for any body type.

You can’t go wrong with Black- it’s sexy and it helps you conceal your problem areas. So go for a Little Black Bodycon Dress!

Picking the Perfect Neckline-

U shaped and scoop neck are universal necklines that suit everyone, even if you are slightly heavier in the bust area. It also adds a sexy element to your dress. So if you are planning to buy a bodycon dress for the very first time, try and buy one with U or scoop neckline.

Pick the right size-

Picking the right size is very important while buying a bodycon dress for it to look good and flattering. Since it is a body-hugging dress it is important to go one size smaller than your usual size so it fits properly in the right places. Since most Bodycon dresses are made with Elastene in it. They’re comfortable even if you go one size smaller.

And girls!

Stop Blaming your curves- You Are Beautiful!

And we understand, having a visible tummy makes you feel uncomfortable but once you get over that all that remains is complete confidence. Everyone is different and uniqueness is always interesting and is worth taking a moment to appreciate. And more than that embracing something that is unique makes it all the sexier. So don’t feel awkward the next time you have to wear a Bodycon dress because if you feel confident and sexy in it, others will see you the same way.

Check out Maciza- Bodycon dress by Blakomi.

The Maciza dress stands for confidence. The IndiSlim Fit of this dress conceals awkwardness and the fabric has a 4-way stretch for additional comfort.


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