Kal se gym pakka jaunga...
Ek last beer bro?
Kuch dessert ho jaye?
Slim fit? Na ho payega!

Relatable much?

We have the perfect shirt for you!

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The Unawkward Shirt

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The IndiSlim® Fit is our favourite shirt. This took us the most time to design and get right!

This is not a slim-fit shirt! This is honestly the perfect hack to look sharp and slim. If you always seem to sport a few extra inches around your tummy - this is the shirt for you!

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Cotton-Satin Blend

Crafted with luxurious Giza cotton, blended with a bit of satin - this is soon going to become your default shirt for an evening out!

Statutory Warning: Objects in this shirt might appear slimmer than they really are!

The IndiSlim® Fit Shirt

This shirt is available in 3 sizes. Find The IndiSlim® Fit in your right size now!